Friday, September 28, 2012

Post-Workout Nutrition

Did you know you're supposed to feed your muscles after breaking them down during a workout? I'm sure football fans remember those EAS commercials with Brady Quinn where he says his workout was finished once he took his EAS protein shake.

The general rule of thumb has always been that post-workout protein consumption is the holy grail to improved muscle building and development. Currently I use Platinum Hydro Builder from Optimum Nutrition. I purchase it from They have great prices and fast delivery. I've never had a they throw in little giveaways when you spend $75, $125 or more on your purchases. Hey who doesn't need another water bottle right?

But what about pre-workout nutrition? Lots of people in CrossFit come to the gym on an intermittent fast. If they do a morning workout, that means they have a glass of water before starting their WOD and not much else. Does that put us at risk of burning muscle for energy production due to a lack of glucose availability in our body? Here is an interesting tidbit I found on a nutrition article:
Adding protein prior to your training session primes the pump: It starts protein synthesis during rather than after your training session. Pre-workout protein most likely increases amino acid delivery and uptake by muscles during training. Taken alone or as part of a complete protein, BCAAs inhibit muscle breakdown. So net protein synthesis is elevated even higher!
Interesting concept right? Just something to think about when you head into your workout after a 12 hour intermittent fast.

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