Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Get Your Head Out of Your Ass!

Not everyday is going to be a good day. This general concept applies to work, your personal life, and your physical performance. We've all had a bad game. It could have been due to physical mistakes, mental errors, or any combination of the two. You may have made some poor meal choices the day before your game/competition. You may be coming down with a cold. You could have had a fight with your significant other. Or as my old coach would put it, you may have in fact you had your "head up your ass". Of course, there are also times when your body will feel good and you will perform at our near peak performance. You make more baskets in your basketball game, see the ball better in baseball and rope a line drive into the gap, or the weights feel lighter during your WOD. You know when your body is 100% in sync and things are going right. Life is good on those days. However, when bad days come up, the challenge is to make the most of your game/WODand bounce back the next time. For me, today was not a good day. I hope tomorrow is better.

We did a hero WOD. I have a lot of trouble trying to do any type of heavy weight in the front rack position. Todays WOD required a 155# thruster. In the words of my coach, that is just stupid. I tried at 135# but lost the rack after 3 reps. I dont know what to do about my front rack.  I'm doing daily wrist flexibility exercises and shoulder mobility. So far I have not had any luck. I nearly passed out, probably from not breathing correctly while getting my thruster started. Either that or I'm in denial about the fact that I'm still in terrible cardiovascular condition. In all honesty, it is likely a combination of the two.

My goal will be to keep chugging along and moving forward. I can't let my poor WOD performance drag me down in other parts of my day. Also, I will need to remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and a new WOD. The next time thrusters come up, I will do them faster and more efficiently. I will keep working on the front rack. I will keep working on my metabolic conditioning. I will ignore the donuts in the break room.

Being new at something is not always fun. Growing pains suck. Let's hope that I have a confidence building performance the next time I finish a WOD. 

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