Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hotel Gyms

Frequently seen at Hotel Gyms: guy on phone while walking on treadmill
I spent my weekend in Las Vegas. No not to party, drink, and live like a bachelor. This was for work. Up early every day. Hours spent at the Convention Center. Maybe a few hours of dining and gambling before hitting the bed and repeating the pattern for three days. After a dedicated seven weeks of CrossFit, I had my first workout experience outside of my box. Finding a WOD while utilizing the equipment and space available at the hotel gym was not an easy challenge. Other than a few machines, limited dumbbells, treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals, there was a pull up bar, some floor space, and a corner to do ab work. I figured that I could try an abbreviated Cindy and maybe an ab finisher.

WOD: 12 Minute Cindy
Pull-ups (5)
Push-ups (10)
Air squats (15)

Total round completed: 12.733

What I found shocking was the fact that I was able to do more rounds in 12 minutes during this abbreviated Cindy than I was able to do when I first attempted it. Keep in mind, the first time through, I did the full 20 minute AMRAP and managed to complete 10.956 rounds. I can't wait to get a full crack at Cindy the next time it comes up at my box. While a 20 round Cindy seems possible, I was pretty much burnt at the 12 minute mark. I don't think I could maintain the one round per minute pace for a full 20 minutes.

Finisher: Tabata Sit Ups
20:10 x 8, total reps will count as score
Total reps completed: 66

Yikes, I still hate sit ups. 

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