Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Ran Into Helen Again Least It Wasn't Angie

Photo credit: CrossFit Paso Robles
As part of my foundations introduction to CrossFit, our coach put me and the other newbs through a series of benchmark workouts to help us establish a baseline. One of those benchmarks was Helen. It really is a pretty simple workout as it only has three components: run, kettlebell swing, pull ups. The problem for me the first time I did this, is that I sucked (still do) at running and had never done a kettlebell swing before. Luckily for me, I had enough baseline strength to get through the pull-ups without too much struggle. My first time on 9/18/2012 was 13:16. By the third round, I dragged through the 400, broke up the kettlebell swings into 3 sets of 7, and did 4 pull-ups at a time.

Well, now that I officially graduated from the foundations classes, I am fully participating in the daily WODs. Today, "Helen" popped up again. I was happy to see "Helen" instead of her whore sister "Angie", but that's a different story for a different day. Just how much better could I get in a mere three weeks? Well today I posted a time of 11:06. The biggest reason for my improvement: slightly better run (big room for improvement), getting through the kettlebell swings more quickly (11 + 10 for all three rounds), and doing all of the pull-ups unbroken.

As I browse through the interwebs, I see that there are tons of people who have put up sub 10, sub 9, or sub 8 minute times. To me, that's just ridiculous. I'm a terrible runner at any distance over 80 feet. If I'm ever going to break the 10 minute mark, I will need to run much much faster. Also, I will need to do all 21 kettlebell swings unbroken. But I guess, the whole point of this CrossFit thing is to compete against yourself right? I call BS on that one. Why would they put everybody's results up on the board at the box, on the web,  or on YouTube?

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