Monday, October 15, 2012

Mini Metcon with a Dose of Humility

During my 13 years as a 24 Hour Fitness member, I made zero acquaintances at the gym. Ok, there was one employee who checked me in every day for about five years who I would chat with for a few minutes here or there. I had a daily routine, saw many of the same faces, and yet never had any interest in what other people were doing. In fact, I don't think I encouraged anybody to do better. I particularly hated when people asked me to help spot them on a heavy lift. Pretty much I thought everybody was a total douchebag. I'm sure they thought the same of me. In fact, I was a pretty big d-bag staring at myself in the mirror while doing barbell curls, overhead presses, back squats, front raises, etc.

Today we did a strength WOD and a mini Metcon.

Strength: Seven rounds each of three reps of push press
Results: 3000 lbs | 135 lbs, 155 lbs, 175 lbs, 185 lbs, 190 lbs (0), 175 lbs, and 175 lbs | Rx'd

I was partnered up with another CF'er. When we were doing strict overhead presses I out lifted him by 20 pounds. I was walking around like a cocky little prick that day. I was the strongest guy at the box! When we added the element of a "dip and drive". He blew me away. He maxed out at 190 lbs x 3. I couldn't even get that weight off my shoulders. Needless to say, I was pissed. I pride myself on the strength WODs. These are well within my wheel house and I feel like I should the strongest athlete at my box. Today, I wasn't. The funny thing about the affiliate I workout at is the true sense of community. The 6:30 am group is filled with a bunch of great people. We build each other up when needed. Make fun of each other when the time calls for it. But always: we're encouraging. It's weird...or it used to be weird. It reminds me of my team sport days. We would all make sure our teammates were improving every day and holding themselves accountable. I know that the whole purpose of CrossFit is to compete against yourself everyday during every WOD. I've said this before, but I think that's a load of crap. If it is only for yourself, then we wouldn't huddle around the board every day comparing our results to our fellow CF'ers. I think the great thing about watching a fellow athlete outperform you, is the humility, motivation, and hope it gives you to do better. I was proud to see the same guy I dominated with the overhead press, destroy me during the push press. I have technique to work on. I have to drive a little harder. Being humbled on occasion is a great opportunity to pursue improvement. The next time the push press comes up, I want to do better than today. But I also want to do better than every other athlete at my box.

Mini Metcon: Death by power snatch and burpee
Results: 7.0 rounds + 6 snatches/5 burpees | Rx'd

I learned today that the whole purpose of a death by *fill in the blank* is to kill yourself doing a single (or in this case two) movement. Here was today's mini Metcon as defined by Beyond the Whiteboard: Perform 1 power snatch and 1 burpee the first minute, 2 power snatches and 2 burpees the second minute, 3 power snatches and 3 burpees the third minute. Continue until you are unable to complete the specified number of snatches and burpees in the allotted minute.

During the metcon, our coach said: "you guys were more efficient in round 4 than round 3! Keep it up!". In response the same athlete who put my push press to shame said "yeah, well you haven't seen my snatch". I think CrossFit is the only place where somebody can say, "can you look at my snatch and tell me what's wrong with it" and it not be inappropriate.

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