Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weighted Muscle Ups?

Yesterday's WOD: 

  • 4 rounds for time of: 
  • 6 Weighted Muscle Ups (20#) 
  • 10 Back Squats 225# 
  • 800/600/400/200 m Run (Run 200 less each round (1)800 (2)600 (3)400 (4)200)

My initial thought process was as follows: what the eff? Weighted muscle ups? I haven't even tried a regular muscle up, and they're going to throw a weighted version up there? This is terrible. After the shock of seeing the WOD posted, I figured "well I showed up so I'm going to scale the muscle-ups and power through this". In place of the muscle ups, I did 18 pull ups and 18 ring dips (body weight). I finished in 31:45. The runs killed me. I'm terrible at running. Plus my legs needed about 100 yards to get going after the back squats. In order to improve my time significantly, I will need to improve my running. Its pretty bad...just limping along like an elderly man without knee cartilage.
Here are the lessons learned: running sucks, my back squat is stronger than I realized, I need to at least give muscle ups a try, and running sucks.

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