Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Will Not See a Picture of Me Doing Hand-Stands on my Facebook Page

One of the major beefs with CrossFitters is that they tend to lose touch with reality. CrossFitters tend to become so absorbed with the CrossFit lifestyle that they do stupid crap like post pictures of themselves doing hand-stands or pull-ups or their latest Paleo creation. While I'm sure all of their box buddies will appreciate the sheer awesomeness of their hand-stand picture while camping, other people not involved in the CrossFit cult will think "why the eff is this douche doing a hand-stand for no good goddamn reason?".

Maybe my inability to actually do a hand-stand, let alone coordinate the process with somebody else taking a picture of me doing a hand-stand in front of something like the Grand Canyon, Pacific Ocean, or the Thursday Night Farmer's Market  is the primary reason why I think this CrossFit obsession with posting pictures of yourself doing CrossFit gymnastics is utterly ridiculous. I promise, even if one day I develop the ability to do walking hand-stand push-ups, you will never see a picture of it posted any where on the interwebs.

Yesterday's WOD:

Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3
Result: 2950 lbs: 95 lbs, 135 lbs, 155 lbs, 160 lbs, 165 lbs, 170 lbs (2), and 160 lbs

Alternating Tabata of:
Ring Dips
Ab-Mat Situps
Notes: This is 16 total alternating rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest. For Ab-Mat Situps the movement begins with hands touching the floor overhead, and finishes when both hand touch the feet after coming to a upright seated position.
Result: 120 total reps

Finisher: 20 Burpees (penalty for the moron who left two bands out used during ring dips)

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