Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Rep Max

I love establishing my one rep max (1RM). Its something I never did in my pre-CrossFit life. Pretty much I was too chicken or too lazy to chase down enough weight to figure out just how strong I was. Last night during Open Gym I decided to do some weighted pull-ups and weighted bar dips. Here are my results:

  • 1RM Weighted Pull-Up: 101.5 pounds
  • 1RM Weighted Bar Dip: 133 pounds
I set gym records for both of these. As I think back, here were my 1RM for each movement back in September.

  • 1RM Weighted Pull-Up: 78 pounds (9/2012)
  • 1RM Weighted Bar Dip: 88 pounds (9/2012)

Either I slacked off my first time through, did not have a great strength day, or my consistent attendance at the gym has improved my strength. I must admit, last night I felt particularly strong. Must have been the great lunch, BCAAs, and hydration that made a difference. I don't know if I'll ever feel particularly strong when I'm establishing a 1RM during a 6:30 am class.

Here's what I do when working up to my 1RM:

  • Don't waste too much effort on lighter weights. What's the point of fatiguing yourself on weights you already know you can lift?
  • Visualize yourself completing the lift. Usually I close my eyes and visualize myself completing the movement. This is something I've done since my basketball playing days. The power of positive thinking can take you a long way. If you see yourself accomplishing something, then you have increased your chances of getting that task/lift accomplished!
  • Take the deepest breath possible before grabbing the bar. Hold all that air in as exhale as you lift the weight. One example my coach taught me during my deadlift: stand up straight, fill your lungs with as much air as possible, lower yourself into lifting position, and finally lift that weight off the ground while still holding your breath...exhaling as you lift. I found at least a 10 pound difference when I took a deep breath in while standing versus at the ready position. That difference in lung capacity seemed to have a major impact.
  • If you fail once, try again. If you fail twice, try once more. If you fail three times, move on to the next. There is no point in getting 90% of full range of motion. You're only going to hurt yourself, piss yourself off, or hurt yourself because you're pissed off and you start throwing weights around the room.

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