Monday, December 17, 2012

Taking a Break

Since I've started this CrossFit journey, I've been remarkably consistent in my gym attendance. Recently I have been forced to miss time due to illness and work. Taking time off isn't necessarily the worst thing in the world for my body. I've had this nagging shoulder pain after ring dips or high volume pull-ups. Taking these days off recently have helped to reduce/eliminate my joint pain. These small side benefits have really seemed to decrease the gains I've been experiencing in terms of weight loss, improved endurance, improved mobility, and increasing strength.

To be honest, in the big picture, taking a few days off once every 3-4 months would be in my best interests. It just gets tough ramping things back up after a week of living a basically sedentary lifestyle. I seem to move a bit slower, have a little less endurance, and lack a little bit of mobility. Breaks are good to take every once in a while right?

Favorite WODs from last week

AMRAP 12 mins: Squat Clean Ladder
1 Squat Clean 115 lbs
2 Squat Cleans 115 lbs
3 Squat Cleans 115 lbs
Completed: 8 rounds

AMRAP 15 mins: Ring Dips, Box Jumps and Overhead Walking Lunges 
8 Ring Dips
10 Box Jumps, 24/20 in
12 Overhead Walking Lunges, 95/65 lbs
Completed: 5 rounds + 8 ring dips

5 RFT: Double Unders and Push Jerks 
5 rounds for time of:
50 Double Unders
10 Push Jerks, 185/135 lbs
Rest 1 min
Time: 29:57

Lessons learned from last week: 
  • Must work on wrist flexibility to get into the front rack position. This made the push jerks damn near impossible. I lose all upward momentum while jerking it. Yeah I went there.
  • Its time to buy my own jump rope. The ones at the Box are fine when learning how to do double unders, but now that I know how to do them it is more important to use the same rope every time for every rep. Plus the Rogue SR1 with the ball bearings spin so nicely. 
  • Keep working on my shoulder mobility. I was making good progress on my overhead squat. The improved mobility was lost over the two missed weeks. Time to get back on KStar's website to improve my shoulder mobility.

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