Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Girl, Another PR

I should have waited to post on the blog until today. Little did I know that I would be having another encounter with one of the infamous CrossFit girls. Today I had the option of doing either Mary or Cindy for my WOD. Apparently both came up on the main site, so our coaches wanted to give the option to the athletes to choose their destiny. I opted for Cindy. I hadn't attempted a full 20-minute Cindy since my foundations orientation. My last performance was 10 complete rounds plus 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 14 air squats. I gave mini-Cindy a go a few months back (12 minute AMRAP) and got over the 12 round mark by the time the clock struck 12 minutes. My main concern was maintaining that one round per minute pace.

Cindy - 20:00 AMRAP:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

I set a goal of a 20 round Cindy. I figured, that I should be able to maintain a one round per minute pace. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I blasted out of the gates. I attacked the WOD without any real strategy. I figured, lets get to 10 rounds as quickly as possible and then grind out the last 10 before the clock strikes 20 minutes. I had a great pace going at the start. 5 rounds by 3 minutes. 10 rounds by 7 minutes. 12 rounds by 10 minutes. 14 rounds by 12 minutes. I was going to do it. I was going to hit 20 rounds. All I needed to do was grind out six measly rounds over 8 minutes. That's less than my desired one round per minute pace. I hit a wall during round 15. I had to kip like a mother during all five pull-ups. I had to break up my push-ups into increments of five. I had to do my squats as 8/7. I had no ability to breathe. I figured, "well I can breathe after I crush these 20 rounds". Unfortunately my body and mind were not in sync. My body basically quit on me. It took me two minutes to finish round 15. That left six minutes on the clock. It took me 30 seconds to complete my next set of five pull-ups. I was watching the clock too much. I was trying to catch my breath for too long. My arms refused to pull my body up to the bar. I had to do one rep at a time. My chest/shoulders/triceps struggled with each push-up. As for the air squats? Getting full range of motion was near impossible. As I hit bottom, I barely had enough energy to stand up. I was spent. The last two rounds took me nearly four full minutes. Basically I blew my load in the first 10-14 minutes and left nothing in the tank. I completely ignored my strategy. I threw caution to the wind and ran head first into the WOD. Final score? Me: 0, Cindy: 1. Balls.

Cindy - Total Rounds: 17 rounds + 5 Pull-ups + 3 Push-ups (PR by 6.477 rounds)

There were some lessons learned today. I have it in me to go at a one round per minute pace. I just need to pace myself. I need to stop every round and wait for the clock to hit the next minute. I think building these breaks in will help me hit the 20 round mark. Next, I will need to be able to push beyond the limits and keep going even if my body is screaming at me to stop. At least, I didn't get diarrhea like yesterday, thanks again Fran. Cindy wiped me out, but she didn't cause total loss of all bodily functions.

I love CrossFit. I'm doing more with my fitness than I ever imagined. I have goals set to keep pushing the limits of my physical capabilities. I can't wait to see Cindy again. I'm determined to get 20 rounds even if it kills me. But like one of the coaches said, "you'll pass out before you die". That being said, lets see if I can get to 20 rounds before I pass out.

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