Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I took a week off from exercise. Family vacation. Playing in the snow. Eating a ton of sugar filled vacation meals and treats. Is it possible to have a cheat week? After I got back, I made sure to eat clean for a few days before I ventured back into the box. I knew that my first day back would be a challenge if I didn't at least attempt to get some of the crappy food out of my system. Thankfully I played a basketball game on Sunday to sweat out some of the sugar. What was waiting for me on Monday?


Fight Gone Bad - 3 rounds, 1 min per station:

Wall Ball, 20 lbs, 10 ft
Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 75 lbs
Box Jump, 20 in
Push Press, 75 lbs
Row (calories)

Actually, this is how the coaches announced the WOD to everybody:

Two announcements for this upcoming Monday...
There will be NO 4PM CLASS...
The WOD will be "Fight Gone Bad."
That is all.

I was actually pumped about going full-steam ahead into Fight Gone Bad (FGB). The last time it was programmed, I was doing my foundations introduction. I barely finished all three rounds. My coach also conveniently forgot that box jumps are at 20" not the usual 24" Rx height for men. After busting through the gates with 94 reps in round one, I hit the proverbial wall and eeked out 60 and 61 reps in rounds two and three respectively. I knew coming into Monday's WOD that I was going to PR. The only question remaining was, "by how much"?

I set a conservative goal of 270 total reps. I figured, that if I could get 94 reps during the first round of my first ever attempt at FGB, then why couldn't I get at least 90 reps per round four and a half months later? I mean, I'm in significantly better shape right? Don't I have a much larger aerobic capacity to survive a high volume of relatively easy movements now than I did during my foundations classes? Here were my comments logged into BTWB from the first time:
Improve box jumps and wall balls
Well, considering the box would be set at the correct height, I could guarantee that I would "improve" my performance during box jumps. As for the wall balls, if I recall correctly, I completed fewer than 10 reps in rounds two and three. Getting this PR was a guarantee right?

Round one started out smooth. I wanted to get at least 30 wall balls completed. I hit my mark by breaking them up as: 15/10/10/5. By the time I hit the rower I had counted up to 107 reps. I wanted to make sure that I didn't kill myself going for an extra calorie or two on the rower. That contraption tends to suck every ounce of energy out of me. I wanted to be steady and get at least 10 calories. I finished round one with a total of 118 reps. My goal changed. Forget 270 reps, I was going to get over 300 with the goal of hitting over 100 reps in each round. I got into the zone and switched into full on fire-breathing beast mode.

After taking a sip of water and recording my reps on the whiteboard, I did my best to shake the lactic acid out of my legs. Wall balls were my kryptonite last time. I wanted to make sure I hit a minimum of 20 reps with a goal of 25. Mission accomplished. 25 wall balls were in the books for round two. Then came the shocking realization that my legs were started to significantly fatigue. The sumo deadlift high pulls became more challenging. My hips stopped firing. I was essentially front raising 75 pounds using only my shoulders. This was getting ugly fast, but I needed a minimum of 25 reps on this movement. Mission accomplished. I realized that hitting a goal of 25 on each of the first four stations would guarantee my 100 rep goal in each round. The calories burned on the rower would be icing on the cake. After 25 box jumps and 25 push presses, I walked up to the rower and simply couldn't get moving fast enough. I "only" totaled eight calories during round two, and each calorie felt like a year of my life was taken away from me. Round two tally: 108 reps. I already knew that round three was going to be a struggle.

I quickly realized that 25 wall balls in round three would be near impossible. I gutted out 20 of the most soul-crushing repetitions ever. The SDLHP would have to be done without the benefit of any lower body muscles. My legs were fried, done, on fire. I gutted out another 20 reps. Uh oh, that meant I needed 60 just to hit triple digits in round three. The box jumps started out simple enough. One rep at a time, one jump every two seconds. Pretty soon I was hunched over trying to catch my breath. So much for my brilliant strategy. When there was fifteen seconds left, I was determined to get back on track. I finished the box jumps unbroken. I got to the push press after having counted a total of 65 reps in total (20 + 20 + 25). I could still finish with 100 reps. I just needed to haul some serious ice. Boom, another 25 push presses in the bag. All that remained was a measly ten calories on the rower. I had nothing else to worry about. No other movements were waiting for me. I gutted out 13 calories. I finished round three with 103 reps.

After laying on the floor near death for a few minutes, I staggered to my feet and totaled up all three rounds. 329 total reps. What the? Not only did I PR, I PR'd by round two. I killed my time. In fact, I killed everybody else at the gym that day. All this after a week off? Like I said, I got into the zone.

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